Títle: エンデューロレーサー (Enduro Racer)

Production/ Development: SEGA

Japan Release Date:: julio 1986

Hardware: “Space Harrier Board”

ROM Size: 12 Megabits

SEGA, in their second motorcycle game within the Taikan Game series, wanted to experiment with the Space Harrier hardware capacity to generate layered graphics with a relief effect.

The type of sport SEGA placed their bets on with this game was enduro, at a time when raids and the legendary Paris-Dakar were a worldwide fever. Enduro Racer was conceived to exploit the idea of toughness associated to this motorsports discipline, making the game mechanics revolve around the handling of the motorcycle on slippery surfaces, obstacle avoidance and, above all, keeping control of the bike during the spectacular jumps, which have remained as the most iconic image of this work. Jumps which, being rigorous, were more typical of motocross than enduro.


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Title: スペースハリアー (Space Harrier)

Production/ Development: SEGA

Japan Release Date: diciembre 1985

Hardware: Space Harrier Board

ROM Size: 12,25 Megabits

In our last article, we noted that Hang-On’s development had been entrusted to Coreland Technology, while SEGA took on the production and direction of the game.

In contrast, in this second installment of the Super Scaler series, the entire team was part of SEGA so, even though we do not know the details, if a game with the size and substance of Space Harrier was born just five months later, we understand that management must have worked on both games at the same time for a while.

Either way, let’s dive for a few minutes in this fantasy world, half way between the oneiric and the psychedelic, called Dragon Land.

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16011601 (2)

Title: ハングオン (Hang-On)

Production/ Development: SEGA

Japan Release Date: julio 1985

Hardware: Space Harrier Board

ROM Size: 6,75 Megabits

Enlace a la versión en español.

Before going on, let’s take a trip in time and space to understand the full extent of the importance of Hang-On. Japan, July 1985: the nation is in the middle of a motorcycle fever, a vehicle for leisure and recreation. Improving its road network, with magnificent roads, the commercial war of the Japanese motorcycle manufacturers for providing better products and, of course, an improved purchasing power are the main causes of this boom from an analytical point of view.

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SUPER SCALER Monograph (Introduction)

The search for representing three-dimensional universes has been an obsession of designers and programmers from almost the beginning of video game history. The need to provide spatial depth to simulate, for example, driving or riding any kind of artifact, predated for many years the availability of the necessary technical tools.

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