EDITORIAL (English version)

Hello and welcome to BEEP! Game Center, a space for the analysis and dissemination about the young, but very rich video game universe.

Many will wonder: another blog about video games at this point? Yes, but no. Yes, because we believe that there are still niches about them that have not been properly covered. And no, because this is not going to be a common gaming blog.

You may have noticed our slogan: Amusement Video Game Magazine. This phrase, which may sound presumptuous, is simply our principal mission. We want to talk, review, analyze, criticize and reflect on what for us is the video game essence: what is commonly known as the “arcade video game style”.

Today, it finally seems that our common hobby begins to enjoy some acceptance and recognition; today, the video game is an established industry that moves stratospheric figures and has even become an art form, we sing our Requiem for the video game in its original form.

Immediate and unrestrained fun, replayability, and a taste for challenge and difficulty are perhaps the main defining characteristics of traditional video game productions for the arcades, but also for consoles and early home computer software, which we will discuss here, slowly but steadily. Aperiodically, but with passion and intensity. Because we believe in this type of creations, usually lacking the spectacular nature, photo-realism, narrative and high duration of the common contemporary video game, but pure and fun.

Here you will find our opinion and analysis about diverse aspects of our hobby, as well as extensive monographs about hardware and video game genres or styles that needed to be vindicated.

We will be faithful to our style book, which we anticipate will include a special care for the writing quality and an almost absolute attention to the productions of Japanese origin, the real video game mecca.

From the first minute we will be supporting this blog with a self-titled YouTube channel where we will publish “superplays” made by our team (a playthrough without losing lives or with a very high score) and we will take a lot of care in providing the best graphic material possible, creating our own snapshots for each game or, failing that, by choosing the best possible sources. All from a purist and demanding point of view.

We hope to be gradually creditors of a fraction of your time, capture your interest, achieve a space among your favorites and bring our little contribution to something as fascinating as is the VIDEO GAME.

Finally, we would like to send a special greeting to all those readers who have been following us in the Spanish version of our blog despite not mastering the language. Your request for a version in English has finally been heard.



Beep! Game Center


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